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ISO 9000 Six Sigma Examples: Two Simple Ways to Meet Requirements

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Examples of how two simple tools can be used to meet some of the requirements of ISO9004 and ISO9001.

If you're trying to build a better organization, the ISO9000 family of standards contains a wealth of useful information about organizing and structuring your processes. ISO9004 is a broad standard that gives particular emphasis to the organization's external environment, while ISO9001:2008 pays more attention to internal issues such as creating products or services.


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ISO9000 standards 00:17
Fact based decision making 00:51
Requirement to monitor processes and analyze data 01:28
Analyzing an unstable external factor 02:16
Data require context to be meaningful 02:46
Detecting process change 03:04
Example of a major process change 04:00
Individuals and Moving Range Chart (I-MR) 04:23
ISO9001 example 04:54
Example of stable and predictable process 05:18
Example of Capability Study 06:16
Voice of the Process, Voice of the Customer 06:41
Ppk, Cpk, Cp, Pp 07:01
Key Process Indicator, or KPI 07:39

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