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ISO-9000 (Earthworm Jim 2)

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Добавлено by Admin В Сертификат iso 9001
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You think your boss' standards are bad?

Level 7 of the game Earthworm Jim 2, ISO-9000 is the world's worst office space, a planet of paperwork. Supervised by the malicious masked lawyers, and sorted unendingly by the killer filing cabinets, Jim must navigate through the mountains of lost memos and paper jams to find the world's only exit, a door which seems to grow farther away with every step, just like the end of the work day...

Along the way he must deal with the nefarious furnaces that "dispose" of unwanted paperwork and help reclaim the planet's roving pet mice in their little rolling cages.

This level also has possibly the best music in the game aside from The Villi People, which used the Moonlight Sonata as its background music. Listen to those riffs!

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